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To develop and scan 35mm color film or a disposable camera, choose any '35mm Color Film Development + Scans' option.

All of our developers offer the same service for the same price. Once you order, you'll receive an email containing an address where you'll send your film.

If you want your negatives back, please purchase the 'Negatives - ADD-ON' option along with your order.

We do not offer prints.


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Every Monday at 8am PST, we have a “drop” of 300+ orders for film development.

When you order, you’ll choose one of our developers to send your film to. All of our developers offer the same service for the same price.

After you order, you’ll receive an email with your developer’s address. This is where you’ll ship your film to!

Once your developer receives your film, they develop, scan, and send you the digital scans directly to you via a link to your email - all within 3-5 business days. No CD’s, no USB’s, no problem.

To check the status of your order, please use the order status page on our website.

We do not offer prints, but if you want your negatives back in archival sleeves (as well as a free sticker) choose the “Negatives Add-On” option when purchasing.

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